The Art of Going Natural

What is there not to love about pure, natural skincare, hand-made with love and all raw, efficacious ingredients? Absolutely nothing! That's why artisan apothecary is going to be the next big thing hitting our shores. As the awareness grows of only wanting to put pure, natural ingredients in our bodies, so does the need of natural skincare.

It's like choosing to stop pumping your body with toxin infested fast food, and rather nourishing your body with super foods that is going to make you look and feel better- for the long haul!

Tinkerberry is all about HEALING AND INDULGENCE - Healing the body with the most nourishing ingredients mother earth has to offer, and Indulging the senses with the most luxurious at-home spa experience, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

So, looking to shake things up? Here's how to do it :

1. Simplify your skincare

You surely don't need the 30 bottles of products sitting on your vanity table. We all have done it at some point or another- buying a product for the hype, on impulse or even for the chic packaging. But do you REALLY need it all? When different products are piled on the skin, one on top of the other, it will loose its intended purpose. So, not only did you just waste good money, but you are likely wrecking your pores with all that useless gunk. This is the part where you need to summon some will power and declutter your skincare regime. We know, it sounds brutal, but you gotta do it - the longer that mess sits there, the harder it's gonna be to make a change. Keep only the products you swear by, and resist the urge to get another bottle till you finish the present one.

2. Its all about FRESH, FRESH, FRESH

We might be biased about this one, 'cos once you go fresh, you never go back! We love our products to be fresh, and we can go on and on about it, but the point here is that, the longer the products need to sit on shelves, the more preservatives it needs. We are talking about formaldehydes here, people. Yup, that stuff used to embalm dead people is frequently used in skincare. Look it up 'cos it's real. Heard of Phthalates? It's used in flexible plastics, as well as softeners in personal care products such as cosmetics and shampoo. And that's why we make our batches fresh, with a strict 'no-nasties' policy.

3. The multi-functioning products

Tinkerberry products can be used in more ways than one. Check out the Apothecary Tips section of every product page, and discover the multiple use possibilities. Now, that's what we call VALUE.

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