2017 is a mere few days away, and we have turned into a ball of nerves. Why? 'Cos 2017 marks our endeavor into an uncharted territory - the official launch of Tinkerberry's online store.

Dont get us wrong - we are loving every moment of this nerve-wrecking, adrenalin-fuelled days leading up to our store going online. And the part we are loving the most? The product testing. Whats better than having a job where you get to slather masques, and scrubs all over yourself? Now, we are starting to sound like we have been goofing off, but we promise that we have been hard at work. We have been brainstorming as well. We want to add more yummylicious goodies to our family of well-loved products.

We are also excited about our blog, where we look forward to teaching Tinkerberrians cool tips and tricks on beauty. We also will be adding product reviews (feel free to send us products to review!) as well DIY recipes to make your own customised skincare products.

Stay Tuned.....

#DIYRecipes #ProductReviews

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