Why hair products stop working

Ever wondered why your holy-grail shampoo or conditioner suddenly stopped working? Why the once glorious lather now fails to mop up all the gunk from your scalp? Or why the heaven sent conditioner now leaves behind a head of limp hair? Are you shedding more hair than your pet cat?

It really is a vicious cycle. You spend all that time and money trying out various shampoos/conditioners/treatments just to find 'The One'. From salon recommended products to the stuff your aunt's neighbor's mother swears by....admit it, you know you have tried it all. When you finally discover your wonder product, it gives you months, if not years, of bouncy locks and squeaky clean scalp. Time to give yourself a high-five!

But, eventually the products stop working. Your hair goes from 'glorious' to just 'meh'. You start blaming the product (maybe they changed the formula?). Some might take it tad more personally (maybe the universe hates me?). And so you chuck that bottle away, and prance off in search of the next fad hair product.

Here comes the good news ! The universe does not have a personal vendetta against you. And your shampoo/conditioner/treatment has NOT stopped working.

The bad news? It’s your fault. Stop shaming the products and learn how to detox your scalp.

Here’s the thing: over time, all the harsh chemicals and residues from hair products leave a layer on buildup on your scalp. You then have a heap of mess where your once-glorious locks used to be. Plus we have the notorious Malaysian humidity working against us.

This is where detoxing comes into play. A thorough detox is the only way to properly cleanse the scalp from residue and dead skin. A proper scalp detox not only deep cleanses the pores of your scalp, but it also creates the optimal environment for your hair follicles to thrive and grow stronger hair.

Our best-selling Spiced Apple Scalp Detox has apple seed oil, that not only nourishes and hydrates hair and scalp, but it is also renowned for its ability to facilitate skin generation. Stronger hair comes from a healthy scalp, so we have paired the apple seed oil with our house blend of Ayurvedic herbs to truly give your scalp a new lease on life.

Say hello to your new best friend - The Spiced Apple Scalp Detox !

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