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When I joined Broadcasting 4 years ago, I was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed girl just trying to find her place in the world. Very soon, I fell in love with it. The adrenaline right before your show goes live on-air, the beautiful clothes laid out for picking, people fussing over your hair and makeup - Man! That was THE LIFE. This was definitely where I belonged.

But soon, [...pause for dramatic suspense...], THE LIFE started rearing its ugly little head. I went from being the girl with an impeccable pimple-free track record, to the girl with  big-a** pimples. Thus began my journey to regain my clear complexion. The first step was to find the root of all evil, ...errr...I mean the root of my skin problems. 

I have always used branded skincare - somehow, branded equals to quality in my mind. Yet, all the acne treatment steps were not working for me. So, after many many hours researching online about what could have gone wrong for my skin, I decided to take a very drastic step - Cut out all chemicals from my skincare routine. My skincare ethos became 'Dont put anything on your skin that you cant eat'. The concept is simple - If its safe for eating, then it should be safe for your skin. After all, skin is the body's biggest organ, and everything that it absorbs ends up in your blood stream.

And so I started on my all-natural path. It wasn't easy, I have to admit. First and foremost, branded all-natural organic skincare in Malaysia in waaaay toooo expensive. But I do understand why - It's all imported. So, that means I am paying for packaging, transportation, forex, store rental, international marketing, etc..etc...[Sidenote : I used to be an accountant - I know my way around costing!] 

The other issue was exactly how natural these products were. If it had to travel from one continent to another, it probably needs to have the dreaded 'P' word.....Preservatives, and loads of it ! Ahhh, preservatives!

With the proverbial gun to my head, I started on a long winded quest to formulate self preserving skincare. The road was by no means easy - I had to source the best ingredients from all over, and then concoct recipes that delivered the optimum results, without spoiling too fast. After almost a year of trial and testing, Tinkerberry was born.

Tinkerberry is a simple idea with a simple goal : Keep it simple!

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